Mission Statement

What we're all about

A-Frame is a free online bodyboard magazine that features well-written articles, interviews, and high-quality action photography. A-Frame covers the globe, but our primary goal is to promote bodyboarding in the USA. We hope that you will join us in our quest to help the sport of bodyboarding grow in America.

By Bodyboarders, for bodyboarders

A-Frame depends on the tight-knit bodyboarding community to survive. Photos are donated by the growing legion of talented bodyboarding photographers around the world. Articles and interviews are donated by writers with a passion for the sport. A-Frame's three founders (Sundaran Gillespie, Joshua Shelly and Alex Statom) all donate their time and effort to write, edit, and create the magazines you see on this site.

Giving Back

Advertising money is put back into the magazine or used to promote the bodyboarding industry. This is a challenging time for the industry, so our goal is to be as fair as possible with the companies that keep bodyboarding alive. With this in mind, we have advertising prices that are less that 10% of the cost of print magazine rates in the industry.

Staff & Contributors

The crew running the show

A-Frame Magazine is a product of the bodyboarding community. We rely on the input of people who are willing to do donate their time and hard work to promote the sport they love. Everyone who contributes to the magazine is part of the A-Frame team.


The magazine has three founders and several senior writers:

  • Founder/Editor/Photo Editor: Joshua Shelly
  • Founder/Senior Writer: Sunny Gillespie
  • Founder/Editor/Art Director/Developer: Alex Statom
  • Senior Writers: Darren Delmore, Nick Statom, Ty Torres, Chris Erdos

Contributing Writers

Mark Balasbas, Bob Baldwin, Rich Bean, Jason Bitzer, T.J. Bonanno, Matt Clark, Mike Creed, Justin Curtis, Chris Erdos, Evan Fa, Kalen Foley, Mark Fordham, Mourad Gabriel, Todd Glaser, Sean Harwin, Ryan Heimpel, Andrew Hudson, Phil Hudson, IBA Tour, Alisha Kayama, Bobby Kithkart, Marty Kooistra, Maz, Joseph Marrama, Matt McKay, Darryl Menzies, Mark Miller, Ricky Miller, James Murdock, Craig Purkiss, Jay Reale, Luis Riveira, Brett Roldan, Anthony Savoji, Nick Statom, Chis Taloa, Jacobo Tebache, Adam Terpening, Theo, Shirls Thompson, Carey Trabue, Kristjan Tuul, Ricky Umoff, Pascal Vallet, Chuck White, Tyler Wiemann, Alex Zimmerman

Contributing Photographers

Jon Alexander, Chris Allen, Jeff Anderson, Cody Anker, Alex Aromos, Nick Arrant, Bacalao, Jaime Ballenger, Rich Bean, Ryan Beppu, Mark Berkowitz, Jason Bitzer, Danny Black, Blaise Borgen, Dan Bostwick, Matt Brockie, Kyle Buchanan, Chris Burkard, Brian Cabalce, David Campbell, Scott Carter, Matt Clark, Thomas Clarke, David Collyer, Tom Conolly, Evan Conway, Ryan Craig, Mike Creed, Chase Curry, Justin Curtis, Tony D'Andrea, James Dawson, Jeremy Dempsey, Pieter De Vries, Michael Emo, Estrada, Evan Fa, Juan Farfan, Ferg, Leo Fiala, Kalen Foley, Brandon Foster, Stephan Gibson, Ronan Gladu, Todd Glaser, Matt Gould, Chris Gurney, Noah Hamilton, Sean Harwin, Daniel Hernandez, Matt Hobbs, Kerri Hogan, Russ Hoover, Jeff Horn, Phil Hudson, Sam Hunter, Jimmy Johnson, Chris Keiper, Marty Kooistra, Jason Kubelle, Keith Laub, Travis Lindle, Mike Marincovich, Todd Marti, Maz, Ross McBride, Meikle, Darryl Menzies, Marc Miceli, Jeremy Miekel, Miguel, Tom Monroe, Edwin Morales, Silvin Morgan, Maiko Mou, Michael Murray, Cameron Nelson, Gus Northcraft, Zak Noyle, Ruben Nunez, Chris Olayon, Sammy Olson, Bryan Pezman, Randy Phenning, Todd Pilmer, Ruben Pina, Daniel Pinho, Ryan Rhodes, John Rowe, Cristian Rudolffi, Daniel Russo, Jack Ryan, Matt Ryan, Stephane Salerno, Steve Sandoval, Bob Sato, Brian Scopinich, Shazana Shahrir, Gareth Sheehan, Joshua Shelly, Ted Slaughter, Todd Smoke, SR71, Alex Statom, Nick Statom, Josh Sweeney, Adam Terpening, Bruce Topp, Carey Trabue, Gillie Tice, Kristjan Tuul, VBsurfphotos.com, Kevin Vogetlin, Andrew Voogel, Jessie Waldken, Adam Warmington, Andrew Westerman, Tim White, Ted Whynaught, Corey Wilson, Scott Winer, James Zidek, Frankie Ziebel, Matt Ziener, Alex Zimmerman, Happy Zurowski

Contributing Artists and Designers

Doug Baker, Mark Miller, Alex Schaffer-Czech, Joshua Shelly, Adam Terpening

How to Contribute

Help make A-Frame happen

There are many ways to contribute to A-Frame, here's a few.


We are always on the lookout for high quality photographs. Action shots, empty waves, scenic shots, and lifestyle shots are all encouraged. We'll run shots of underground as well as well-known riders. We accept both digital files and slide film. Digital files can be emailed to photos@a-framemag.com. Slides and digital media such as CDs and Zip Disks can be sent through the mail. Email us for the postal address.

Articles & Interviews

If you have solid writing skills and have a topic you'd really like to write about, email us at info@a-framemag.com and we'll discuss it.


Get the most exposure for you money

Ad Rates and Sizes

Description Size (Width x Height) Price
Double Page Spread 900 pixels x 550 pixels Email us for ad rates
Single Page 450 pixels x 550 pixels Email us for ad rates
Half Page Horizontal 450 pixels x 275 pixels Email us for ad rates
Half Page Vertical 225 pixels x 550 pixels Email us for ad rates

File Types

We accept almost all types of digital files. If you have any further questions about file types email us at ads@a-framemag.com.

How To Submit

Ads must be submitted one week prior to the magazine's live date. Email files to ads@a-framemag.com.


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The best way to contact us is via email. If you need a postal address to send photos, CDs, or documents, email us at info@a-framemag.com and we’ll give you the information. Here are the addresses for other issues: